Next Generation Sequencing

INHECO Products For NGS Sample Preparation

Sample preparation is indeed an important factor for high throughput labs.  When it comes to reproducibility and process safety, even when analyzing only small batches of samples, there is major responsibility.

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) has quickly speeded up genomic research. Due to growing applications of benchtop systems such as Life Technologies IonTorrent PGM, Illumina TruSeq, and Roche 454 GS Junior, NGS becomes an affordable tool for every genomics lab.

INHECO’s devices are often an essential part of automated NGS library preparation systems and are integrated in almost all major liquid handling platforms.

Tecan Freedom EVO NGS Workstation

Hamilton NGS Workstation

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⊕ NGS sample preparation:


INHECO CPAC Ultraflat for NGS sample preparation
CPAC Ultraflat (video1 & 2)
INNECO Teleshake95 for NGS Sample Prep
Teleshake95 (video 1)
On Deck Thermal Cycler für NGS sample prep
ODTC INHECO On Deck Thermal Cycler (video 2 at 1:50)