INHECO offers several shaker products for micro plates and deep well plates. The new and innovative Incubator Shaker uses a unique shaker drive based on a pendulum like swinging system. This two-axis shaker consists from two platforms with one shaker coil on each platform. The x-axis platform is pendulum mounted in the housing, the y-axis platform is pendulum mounted on the x-axis platform, and also holds the so-called heated position for the micro plate. As each platform can be moved independently by its shaker coil, the resulting shaking curve can be controlled by overlaying of both x-axis and y-axis movements. By this principle a multitude of shaking curves can be realized, from linear over circle and elliptic to even 8 and Lissajous figures. It offers not only a maximum of shaking curves variety, but also is reducing significantly the structural vibration of the product.

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