Verifizierungs-Tool IMP

Verifizierung von Laborausrüstung: Temperatur, Schüttelfrequenz und rel. Feuchte..

Verification of Laboratory Equipment
Temperature Cycling
Humidity verification

Dedicated Verification Tool for the On Deck Thermal Cycler - ODTC®

The perfectly matching verification tool for the ODTC®. Benefit from an automated test routine with easy setup and step by step guidance.

⊕ ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT

  • All in one performace verification
  • Reliability due to perfect fit
  • Step by step guidance through system setup
  • Fully automated, short, 25 minutes test routine
  • Printable PDF verification certificate in audit quality
  • Routine service for instrumental and operational qualification (IQ & OQ)
  • Use for regular daily verification or on demand by end-user
  • Portable format
  • USB connected
  • 7902001_ODTC® & Verification Tool - OVT & ODTC® open
  • 7902000_ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT & Measuring Head
  • 7902001_ODTC® & Verification Tool - OVT & ODTC® closed
  • 7902000_ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT Datalogger
  • 7902000_ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT Measuring Head

OVT Calibration

The  ODTC® Verification Tool needs an initial temperature calibration from an accredited calibration laboratory.

Annual re-calibration is mandatory.

Verification document will only be generated with valid temperature calibration.

INHECO Measurement Plate (IMP) für Laborausrüstung. Verifizierung von Heizen, Kühlen, Schütteln und Feuchtigkeit.

⊕ Verifizierungsplatte im SBS Format - IMP

  • Verifikation der Temperatur
  • Verifikation der Schüttelfrequenz
  • Verifikation der rel. Feuchte
  • Aufzeichnung der Schüttelamplitude & -Frequenz
  • Messung der Temperatur innerhalb Inkubatoren
  • Interne Datenspeicherung
  • Export der Messdaten in CSV Format
  • Leichte Handhabung für marktübliche Greifersysteme
  • INHECO Measurement Plate - IMP for temperature, shaking curves, humidity
  • Verification Plate - IMP for temperature, shaking curves, humidity
  • 7901000 Vericfication Tool IMP

Kalibrierung der Verifizierungsplatte "IMP"

Erwerb von Kalibrierungs-Zertifikaten

Die INHECO Measurement Plate kann samt Kalibrierungszertifikaten von unabhängigen, akkreditierten Kalibrierungs-Laboratorien bestellt werden.


Wir empfehlen die  jährliche Re-Kalibrierung der Platte.

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⊕ Benefits:

       ODTC® & OVT

  •  ODTC® system solution
  • Perfect service tool (IQ/OQ)
  • Fast results (25 minutes) 
  • Daily performance check
  • Tool suitable for end-user

⊕ Features:

  • Fully automated test routine
  • GUI guided set-up
  • PDF verification certificate
  • Portable format
  • USB connected

⊕ SBS plate format

  • Battery operation
  • For GLP / GMP
  • for verification of open units heater, cooler, shaker, incubators, readers