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High precision technology made in Germany.


INHECO is offering innovative Thermal Management Products and Services for Life Science.

The solutions for our customers cover consulting, R&D and  production for standard products and OEM-assemblies.

Our products are optimized for small and medium heat loads (up to 1 kW) and excellent accuracy. Therefore we are using high-end thermal technologies like Peltier Modules, Heat Pipes and Vapor Chambers for outstanding thermal performance.

INHECO supports its customers with a step-by-step approach to Thermal Management questions: 

1. Basic analysis of the situation,
2. Defining the requirements for a possible solution
3. Proposing an overall concept for a Thermal Management Solution
4. Definition of preliminary specifications
5. Starting a milestone based R&D process with
    a. Feasibility Samples (proof-of-concept, test of primary  specification)
    b. Functional Samples (test of primary and secondary specification)
    c. Prototypes (close to series product, single-part production)
    d. Pre-Series (product line & tools validation, QC process, certification)
    e. Series products
6. Ramp-Up

INHECOs customers benefit from our experience gained in countless R&D projects and expert knowledge in Thermal Management. Run-In, 100% end tests, engineering handbooks and product trainings support INHECOs ready-to-install OEM-units and standard products.

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