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Friday, 12. October 2012
What kind of maintenance does the IMP need?

1. Recalibration

For proper measurement performance of the IMP Unit and the connected devices, it is recommended to re-calibrate the IMP once a year. Depending on the application, shorter calibration intervals may be required. Re-calibration should be done by accredited calibration laboratories only. Re-calibration by a calibration laboratory can be done via INHECO. INHECO offers firmware updates free of charge with each re-calibration via INHECO. The IMP unit initially comes only with a temperature calibration certification. Shaker calibration can be ordered separately.

 Visit the section Technical Support to get more information about the return process for devices.


2. Battery Recharge

To avoid total discharge of internal IMP battery please recharge the IMP battery once in a quarter of a year.

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