Customized Adapter Plates

Custom inserts with perfect fit for plates, vials, and reservoirs.

Custom Adapter Plates

In case you cannot find your disposable number in the table of standard adapter we may design a customized adapter.

Please fill in the questionnaire below and send us your labware for a quote.

Necessary information:

  • 3 samples of disposable needed to be sent in
  • Drawing of plate/tube, if available

⊕ Questionnaire Custom Adapter

  1. For getting detailed information about your desired adapter tick a question:

  2. Name of device your adapter is needed for:

  3. Disposable Name

  4. Detailed Information

  5. 3 Samples of disposable

  6. e-mail Drawings to

  7. Aditional information for SHAKER custom nests

  8. Personal Data

  9. Personal Data
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