Calibration of INHECO Verification Tools

Calibration & re-calibration of the IMP and OVT by an accredited calibration laboratory.

Verification tools for for heating, cooling & shaking devices in ANSI/SLAS format and incubators up to +60°C.

INHECO offers 2 verification tools.

The INHECO Measurement Plate IMP is for verification of temperature, humidity and shaking performance in heating,cooling, shaking devices using ANSI / SLAS plates. No matter whether the device is from INHECO or from a different supplier.

The OVT is a dedicated verification tool for the ODTC® product from INHECO.

⊕ Calibration of IMP

The IMP can be ordered with calibration certificates from accredited calibration laboratories. These laboratories are authorized by national accreditation bodies such as NIST or DAkkS. We recommend annual re-calibration.

⊕ Calibration of OVT

The ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT needs an initial temperature calibration from an accredited acalibration laboratory.

This laboratory is authorized by national accreditation bodies such as NIST or DAkkS.

Annual re-calibration is mandatory.

ProductArticle No.

 INHECO Measurement Plate (IMP)


 Temperature calibration IMP


 Shaking calibration


 ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT96


 ODTC® Verification Tool - OVT384


 Temperature calibration OVT


⊕ Re-Calibration

INHECO Measurement Plate - IMP:

Annual re-calibration is recommended. INHECO’s partner laboratory for calibration issues the new certificate.


On Deck Thermal Cycler Verification Tool - OVT:

Annual re-calibration is mandatory. OVT generates a verification document at the end of a verification process. This verification document will only be generated with valid temperature calibration of the OVT. 

The re-calibrated IMP / OVT is returned to the customer with certificate and with a Micro-SD-Card which contains the latest versions of important documents and IMP / OVT software.
In case of updates the re-installation of the IMP / OVT software is advisable.


Order information

INHECO’s RMA process needs to be followed to initiate the re-calibration procedure.
Send re-calibration orders or quote requests to

ProductArticle No.

IMP Temperature re-calibration


 IMP Shaking re-calibration


OVT Temperature re-calibration


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