Technical Support

Assistance regarding software and hardware.

Attention: ALL Paswords for accessing the customer's technical support area have been changed. Please request new password monthly.

Before getting in touch please keep part number and serial number at hand.
It would also be helpful to get a purchase order number and date of delivery.

⊕ Troubleshooting

    In case you have issues with one of our devices, please follow our instructions for troubleshooting.

    ⊕ Contact information


    phone: +49 89 899593-121

    ⊕ Maintenance

      Maintenance requirements are mentioned in the respective manual.

      For a replacement unit during maintenance at INHECO please contact our techhotline and follow RMA instructions.

      ⊕ Customer login

        Here you can find information such as software, DLL's, and firmware command sets.

        Customer login area

        Request new customer password

        ⊕ Product integration

        INHECO does not offer drivers for platform integration.

        Please contact your automation system provider.