Accessories for Heater/Cooler/Shaker

Complete packages comprise controller, thermal interface and more.

Choose the perfect combination of accessories to meet your needs and to optimize the set-up for your application.


⊕ Required Accessories


Multi TEC Control

Controls up to 6 different units simultaneously & independently


Single TEC Control

Controls just 1 device


Slot Modules

Connect device to controller   


Adapter Plates

Transfer temperature to sample disposable


Power Supply

Supplies power for
2 Incubator Shaker DWP
or 3 Incubator Shaker MP
or 4 Incubator DWP
or 6 Incubator MP

⊕ Optional Accessories


Measurement Plate - IMP / Verification Tool

Verifiation of temperature, shaking & humidity

ODTC® Verification Tool - OVTVerification of ODTC®  temperaure

External Sensor

Precise temperature setting for MTC/STC devices


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