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Your Inheco products are made to exacting standards and checked by our Quality Control team before delivery. We are confident that your new device will give you trouble-free operation throughout its lifetime, and every Inheco device comes with a two-year warranty that starts from the date you receive it, wherever you are in the world.

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  • Two-year warranty from date of purchase for end-users.
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Your Inheco warranty

  • A standard warranty is granted to the original purchaser by Inheco for a period of twelve (12) months from transfer of risk, unless another statutory term is prescribed by law.
  • The standard warranty covers parts and labor charges for products that have been returned to Inheco or an approved Inheco warranty partner in accordance with Inheco’s warranty and RMA process
  • The standard warranty covers:
    • Any defects in materials used to manufacture your product
    • Any defects in workmanship under normal use
    • Any broken components under normal use
  • Inheco commits to repair or replace any device found to be faulty under our warranty terms at no cost.
  • Any repaired or replaced product shall be warranted as set forth in this section for a period the greater of
    • The balance of the applicable warranty period relating to such product or
    • One hundred and eighty (180) days after it is received by Buyer. Only the components that were repaired or replaced will be eligible for the 180-day period as set forth above. The Standard Warranty effective date is the date of “ex works” from an Inheco Service Centre or when Buyer picks up product at designated Inheco service centre.
  • Please note, Inheco’s warranty period starts from the date of delivery to the purchaser of the goods
  • Should you choose to purchase Inheco products from 3rd parties, the warranty period will include any and all time that the device has been in the property of the 3rd party.
  • All end users of Inheco devices are covered by this warranty, even if you have purchased your device from another supplier.
  • To ensure that you receive the full year warranty from date of receipt, please register for your two-year warranty by registering your product in the customer log in area.
  • Read the full details of your warranty here.

Your questions answered

1. What faults are covered and how does Inheco repair them?
During the two-year warranty period, we will repair any defect that existed at the time of delivery. We will do our best to arrange the repair quickly, and according to your wishes.

2. Are there any costs for the customer to return a device?
Inheco covers all shipping costs during the warranty period. To make the return process simple, we offer a collection service in the USA, EU and China.

3. What happens in the event of an "out of the box” failure?
We will immediately send you a free replacement device if the device is in stock. Where no replacement product is immediately available, we will notify you of the issue and allow you to choose to either: Receive back the failed device fully repaired and warrantied or receive a credit for the value of the product. What we mean by "out of the box": When a fault occurs during the installation of the product, and it is being prepared for its first use. If you have used your device to for chemical tests and it has been in operation for several days, it is no longer classified as an "out of the box" fault. Inheco may decide to replace or repair as a gesture of goodwill

4. Can customers extend the warranty?
Customers can request a warranty extension of 12 months for individual devices by contacting

After your warranty expires, we recommend you arrange a service contract for your company’s devices to continue to benefit from the expertise of the Inheco technical support team. Contact us for a service contract tailored to your needs.

5. Can customers borrow a loan unit during the repair?
We rent units, subject to availability. Please get in touch with us so that we can provide you with the right service. Or read more about rental equipment here.

6. How can the customer prove that a fault existed at the time of delivery, especially if a fault occurs towards the end of the warranty period?
Inheco generally accepts "out of box" failure cases based on the information provided by the customer and if required, and purchased from a 3rd party, a proof of purchase to show how long the customer has been in receipt of the device.

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Talk to us about how protecting your Inheco products

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