Thermoshake AC

Precise heating, cooling & shaking in one small device

Save precious deck space with one device that delivers accurate heating, cooling and rapid shaking of up to 500 g loads.
Combined heater/coolers and shakers add efficiency and precision to liquid handling decks for many life science research applications in molecular biology, biochemistry and clinical chemistry. They give labs more control of the process, and that helps achieve more accurate and repeatable results. And by reducing reaction process times and lessening operator workload they can help increase lab throughput. The Inheco Thermoshake was the very first device to combine heating/cooling and shaking functionality.

Thanks to its automated clamping technology the Thermoshake AC can handle loads of up to 500 g with rapid shaking at up to 3000 RPM.

The Thermoshake AC gives you precise control over sample processing. Define set temperatures with a temperature range of 4 °C to 70 °C and a uniformity and accuracy of 0.3 K. Choose the orbital shaking frequency, from 200 to 3000 rpm. For every temperature and every frequency, you’ll get uniform and accurate processing for every sample.

Use your preferred disposable with the Thermoshake AC. Active clamping (automated labware clamping), using customized clamping rods for different labware, lets you use different format plates without adjustment. That also enables you to shake plates with clamped lids and allows piercing through sealing foils while keeping the plate firmly clamped. We offer over 200 adapters, manufactured in-house to ensure a perfect fit to the geometry of the disposable item, or can tailor an adapter to fit your needs.

The Thermoshake AC has a small footprint (104 mm W x 147 mm D x 115 mm H), zero positioning function for comfortable robotic gripping, and it’s integrated with all major deck manufacturers enabling immediate plug-and-play. API available.

Every Inheco device is designed, engineered and made in Germany and undergoes rigorous quality control before delivery. It comes with a global two-year warranty and full customer service including remote support, diagnostic and servicing options that focusses on minimizing operational downtime.

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Technical Specifications Thermoshake AC

Thermoshake AC
Part number p/n 7100160
p/n 7100161
Height (bottom to contact surface) 109.9 mm [4.327 in]
Height with standard fixation pins 115.9 mm [4.563 in]
Length x width 147 mm x 104 mm [5.787 in x 4.095 in]
Temperature range +4 °C to +70 °C [+39.2 °F to +158 °F]
Maximum temperature difference in cooling mode
∆T (=Tambient- Ttarget)
25 K
Noise Max. 42 dB(A)
Protection category IP 20
Weight including cables 3.5 kg [7.7 lbs]
Technical information regarding shaking for all devices
Maximum load 1.0 kg
Shaker frequency weight reduce the max. speed 300 to 3000 rpm *2)
Shaking amplitude 2 mm [0.07874 in]
Shaking pattern Orbital

*2) Depending on the load, as otherwise liquid might get spilled or adapter might not be hold tight to the clamp mechanism. We recommend to test the speed you want to use with a microtiter plate and water to test the behavior first.

The use of RPM smaller 300 with the Thermoshake AC is possible. However, the shaking performance cannot be guaranteed. In case the shaking is not steady you will receive a warning "error 35 slot x (x = slot ID). This error can be ignored if no other error or warning are set at the same time. It is not Inheco´s responsibility if there is any method failure due to this low RPM.
Environmental conditions
Tolerable relative humidity:
Operation 10-80% RH *3 at +20 °C up to +30 °C [+68 °F to +86 °F]
Transportation and storage 10-80% RH *3 at +20 °C up to +30 °C [+68 °F to +86 °F]
Operation +15 °C to +32 °C [+59 °F to 90 °F]
Transportation and storage -10 °C to +60 °C [+14 °F to 140 °F] *3

*3) Condensate can prevent the Shaking devices from operating properly and can damage the Thermoshake AC. Condensate should be eliminated on a daily basis or more often, for example by heating cycles in between cooling cycles.

Thermoshake AC Accessories

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Why use a combined thermoshaker?

Heating, cooling and maintaining ambient temperatures, while shaking, are fundamental to many life sciences processes carried out in an automated liquid handling deck. When on deck space is at a premium, it makes sense to use one multi-functional combined device – but only when you can be sure performance won’t be compromised.

What to look for in a combined thermoshaker?
Accurate uniform heating, cooling and shaking for every sample are the prerequisites for thermoshakers. That means ensuring that your samples are safely clamped during the shaking, and that they all reach the same temperature for the same amount of time.
  • Temperature uniformity – delivering identical temperature across the entire block, with identical results for samples in the middle or on the edge of the block, and throughout the run.
  • Temperature accuracy – ensuring accurate and stable, reproduceable temperatures for the duration of the run, and for every sample in the block.
  • Uniform temperature change (ramp rates) – maintaining temperature uniformity across the entire block.
  • Shaking options – both speed and pattern (for linear shaking, see our Thermoshake Classic).
  • Load – handling the heaviest load you are likely to require.
  • Secure grip on disposable while shaking.
  • Small footprint – delivering the required performance while taking up as little space on deck as possible.

Use of the Inheco Thermoshake AC

The Thermoshake AC is in regular use in NGS Sample Prep.

In bead extraction, when lysis is performed with higher temperature and the next steps require RT processing. The Thermoshake AC’s higher shaking with higher load allows magnetic bead extraction of "heavy bead" even in larger disposables.

The Thermoshake AC can also be used to keep samples at room temperature during shaking.

Accurate, uniform heating, cooling and shaking from Inheco Thermoshake AC

The Thermoshake AC shakes using an electromagnetic motor
  • Orbital shaking pattern
  • 200-3000 rpm
  • 2 mm amplitude
  • Anti-spillage
  • Anti-vibration
Heating and cooling
The Thermoshake AC heats and cools using a Peltier unit and prevents self-heating at ambient incubation to allow the cooling function to operate.
  • Peltier Modules or Thermoelectric Coolers (TECs) use the Peltier effect to create a heat flux between the junction of two different types of materials. A Peltier cooler, heater, or thermoelectric heat pump is a solid-state active heat pump which transfers heat from one side of the device to the other side against the temperature gradient (from cold to hot), with consumption of electrical energy. TECs run with DC voltage, and it’s easy to control the heat transfer through the module by changing the current. When the polarity of the DC is switched, the TEC swaps from cooling to heating mode. That makes TECs an excellent solution when exact control of temperature and heating and cooling rates are needed.
  • Temperature range: +4 °C to +70 °C.
  • From 20 °C to 68 °C in 300 sec, or 9 °C per minute heating rate (to ensure precise temperatures).
  • From 70 °C to 25 °C in 450 sec, or 6 °C per minute cooling down.
  • Optimized temperature control to avoid overshooting or undershooting of target temperature.
  • API available. The Inheco Thermoshake AC is quick to connect, and ready for future developments in your lab.
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