Returns – we make it easy

We endeavor to process and resolve your questions, problems or return requests (for recalibration, repair, maintenance or rental units) as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our simple RMA (return material authorization) process helps you to return your equipment without delays.

The first step is to contact us, so that we can try to solve your problem together without a return. When you do need to organize a return for your device, please complete the RMA form then follow the instructions that we send you with your RMA number.

We’re here to help!

Please get in touch if you need advice on the RMA process.
Phone: +49 89 899593-121

Step by step through the RMA process


Step 1: Contact Inheco Technical Support

Use our contact form
Email us at
Call us on +49 89 899593-121 (8am to 5pm CET)
or use the return forms in the customer login section.

Step 2: Complete and return an RMA Number Request Form

The form is available in your Customer login section or ask us to send you a pdf. Please don’t send your device without an RMA number. If you need a service report or an 8D report on the analysis and repair of your device, please request it at this stage.

Step 3: Return your device

Use the RMA number and shipping information we send you. Please follow packing directions, especially for Incubator Shakers which need transportation locks.

Step 4: We assess and repair your device

We repair devices covered by warranty immediately. If your device is out of warranty, we provide you with a cost estimate, and start on the repair immediately after you approve our quote (by email or order). After we’ve repaired your device, it undergoes the same standard of quality inspection that we use for all new products.

Step 5: We return your repaired device

We ship to the return address you’ve provided in the RMA form. The turnaround time for repairs is 2-4 weeks and for calibrations 3-5 weeks. We will give you a more accurate estimate when we receive your device for assessment.

Rental devices while your device is being serviced

If you need to rent a device while your own device is being maintained, please contact our Technical Hotline: on +49 89 899593-121 or

Return of demonstration devices

If you’ve finished testing a demonstration device and need to return it to us, please complete the RMA form and wait for your RMA number and instructions before returning it to us.

Please make sure you use the transportation lock supplied when you return an Incubator Shaker MP or Incubator Shaker DWP.

Recalibration of measuring and verification devices

When your IMP or OVT needs its annual recalibration please complete the RMA form and wait for your RMA number and instructions before returning it to us.

You can tell us about the service you need within the RMA form. We will ask you to provide a purchase order when we have received your form.

The turnaround time for calibrations is 3-5 weeks. We will give you a more accurate estimate when we receive your device.

Return of devices to be scrapped according to ElektroG3 2022

If you are a German user of Inheco devices and you cannot scrap or do not want to scrap your device according to your local requirements, Inheco offers as part of the german electro device law an opportunity to return the device.

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