Teleshake 1536

Small integrated shaker for high frequency mixing of 384-1536 well plates

High frequency shaking of small volume samples.
Microplate shakers are used for mixing samples used in immunoassays, ELISA, cell cultures, and other lab applications that require high throughput. Shaking is preferred to stirring when mixing low volume samples because no additional stirring rod is required, so there’s no extra risk of contamination. As part of an automated liquid handling deck a compact shaker can save time and space. It adds precision by providing uniform and replicable shaking using your chosen speed and pattern for the time period required.

The Teleshake 1536 is ideal for small volumes in plates from 384 to 1536 wells that need higher shaking frequencies. The Teleshake 1536 can deliver Shaking frequencies from 4000 to 8500 rpm with an adjustable amplitude of 0.1-1 mm. It’s easy to adjust shaking pattern (linear & orbital) and a low-speed start-up process prevents spillage. Plates are securely fixed during shaking with a mechanism that is easily adaptable for different plates.

Inheco offers three models of on-deck shaker.
  • Teleshake AC - For multiple plate sizes and where loads of up to 500 g are required. The AC range of device deliver an auto clamping mechanism (AC) and multiple shaking options
  • Teleshake - Designed for smaller plate sizes
  • Teleshake 1536 - For small plates when a higher shaking frequency is required
The Teleshake 1536 takes up just one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck, occupying little more space than a standard microplate, and is just 56 mm high with a zero positioning function for comfortable robotic gripping. The separate off-deck controller further minimizes deck space while reducing noise and temperature. Use a control module or PC via RS232 interface and daisy chain up to 14 devices. An API is available and the Teleshake 1536 is integrated with all major deck manufacturers, enabling immediate plug and play.

Every Inheco-supplied device is designed, engineered and made to Inheco standards and undergoes rigorous quality control before delivery. It comes with a global two-year warranty  and full customer service including remote support, diagnostic and servicing options that focusses on minimizing operational downtime.

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Why use an on-deck shaker?

Mixing is an essential part of many automated liquid handling processes and shaking is often the preferred method. An on-deck shaker allows consistent replicable mixing for every sample, throughout the day.

What to look for in an on-deck shaker?
It’s vital that your shaker provides accurate and uniform shaking for every sample. Secure clamping and wide choice of disposables are important in many processes. Depending on your requirements, you may want to choose an on-deck shaker which can handle heavier loads, or which offers a choice of shaking patterns, or that can be used with other shakers or on-deck devices.
  • Size – how big a footprint is the shaker?
  • Height – is it low enough to use deep well plates or disposables with even higher profile when space is limited between the pipetting head and the deck?
  • Can you adjust and control the program run time?
  • How adjustable is program shaking speed?
  • What choice of pattern do you need – and what is available?
  • Disposables choice – Can it handle vials and deep wells as well as your preferred microplates?
  • Compatibility with other devices – How will it connect with your existing deck?

Effective shaking for small volumes

The Teleshake 1536 delivers:
  • Ideal frequency for 1536 well plates.
  • High speed shaking: 4000 - 8500 rpm.
  • Microplate locking system.
  • Small fixing pads for easy gripper access.
  • Orbital or linear shaking.
  • Amplitude 0.1-1 mm adjustable.
  • Optional plate lift function.
  • API available. The Inheco Teleshake 1536 is quick to connect, and ready for future developments in your lab.
The Inheco measurement plate (IMP) is a stand-alone verification tool which enables wireless verification of temperature, humidity and shaking pattern. So, when long term consistency and accuracy are critical, you can easily monitor and measure the performance of your Inheco devices.
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